Dec 26, 2022

Powerpole charging

Last week Ausgrid , EVX and the Newcastle city council opened up their first power pole mounted 11kWh EV charger at Dixon Park beach, with an aim to deliver up to 30.000 pole mounted EV chargers across the Ausgrid network by 2029.
(which means Ausgrid would be installing 13 chargers each day for the next 6 years…)

These pole-mounted chargers will help to address EV accessibility by providing chargers for people without home systems, and those traveling outside of their local areas.
Ausgrid CEO, Richard Gross.

Dixon Park beach is a great first location, and I’d love to see each beach side community get some of these (wink wink Bateau Bay, Long Jetty, The Entrance, Central Coast).

You do need to download EVX app to activate the charger.
Charging costs $0.50 per kWh flat rate.

Thoughts :zap:

Can the community have a say in where we’d like to see these pole mounted chargers? > YES

Submit here:

Potential trip hazard with cables laying around the ground?

$0.50 per kWh is a lot for a slow 11kWh charge. Will there be different tiers, time-of-day pricing with cheaper options? Cheaper overnight charging for locals, premium daytime charging for visitors? Cheaper prepaid plans?
No mention of any idle fees.

Yet another app. Often these apps forget about your payment details everytime an app update happens. Then you open the app, and you can’t charge as you need to provide your CC details again. Let us just pay with contactless, just tap and be done with like at the petrol station.

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