Jan 29, 2022

Every EV charging service comes with its own charging app.

Trying to keep track of all the EV charging apps, and/or RFID cards:

  • Chargefox
  • Everty
  • Evie
  • Jolt
  • eoApp
  • GET Electric
  • Exploren
  • AmpCharge
  • bp pulse
  • EVX
  • Tesla Superchargers

(updating whenever I find a new one)

Often, when these apps update, you’re logged out, or sometimes it even loses your account details alltogether (while it really shouldn’t), and you need to log in or set up your account again, while all you want to do is just plug in. Frustrating. I’d rather tap-to-pay.

I like to grab an RFID card and link it to the account, so next time I don’t need to use the app, and can just tap the RFID card to start charging, more quickly.

Central Coast, NSW
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