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Aug 8, 2021

Electric Vehicles

We moved to Sydney 15 years ago. First couple of years, living on the lower north shore, we didn’t have a car. Then in 2010 bought a Mini Diesel (which was quite frugal), and upgraded to a Land Rover Discovery (this one though not so frugal) in 2015. Was used to diesel in Belgium, which is what most company cars would be. I love my Discovery, you can take it places (like, err, Ikea :). But we certainly don’t use it to its fullest. It’s quite nimble for such a big car. But if you floor it, you leave behind a big, black, stinking cloud. And you feel bad, it’s just not right.

So, yes things need to change. So I’m now looking at an EV. Been looking for nearly two years now, really. When the Jaguar i-Pace came out, I wanted one. But that’s really out of my price range. Started watching Fully Charged, subscribe to a bunch of newsletters, trying to get informed on all things EV. It’s while doing this, I set up a newsletter myself a couple of months ago: rEVolution Guide . Because it is a revolution, it is a big change. And I hope I can guide others in their journey to personal electrification.

And finally, from September onwards, for the first 25000 new EVs, NSW is providing a $3000 rebate and stamp duty waiver, for EVs under $68750. For this I set up some sort of comparison site that lists al relevant Australian car models: https://nswevrebate.revolution.guide

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