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My personal thoughts about Electric Vehicles, autonomy and renewable energy, as I collect a news articles archive .

Driving an electric car is not just about saving money on fuel; it’s about reducing our dependence on fossil fuels and combating climate change.

I’ll be occasionally covering a wide range of topics related to EVs, including the latest technological developments, (NSW/Australian) policy updates, and real-world experiences of EV owners.

From battery-electric cars and trucks and other micro mobility, I’ll be exploring the various types of electric vehicles on the market today. I’ll also be discussing the various charging options available, as well as the benefits and challenges of going electric.

So join me as I dive into the fascinating world of electric vehicles and learn more about this exciting and important technology. Whether you’re interested in saving money on fuel, reducing your carbon footprint, or simply want to be at the forefront of the latest developments in transportation, I hope you’ll find something of value here.

PS: I started out with a 2021 Tesla M3 SR+ , which at the end of 2023 I traded in for a MY24 Volvo XC40 Recharge Twin. This is a M*sk-free zone